MOOC-utopia: Who Really Wins?

10 Jun

By Keith Fowlkes

Let me begin by telling you about a conversation I had recently with a couple of major higher education software executives. We had just finished hearing from a panel of higher education presidents talking about massive open online courses (MOOCs) and the future of education. I was listening to them talk about how “colleges just don’t get the paradigm.”

“MOOCs aren’t for the institutions,” one speaker said. “They are for the students.”

I agree with that, just as I agree the higher educational institutions should be there for the students also.

“Which students?” I asked.

They both replied, “The students we hire.”

Being the annoying inquisitor, I asked, “What do those students look like?” I received an interesting reply.

One of the gentlemen told me that they did not care if a student had an English literature course or a history minor. They didn’t care about their study of philosophy or even mathematics. All they wanted to know was could this student code in Java. So I said, “automatons?”

Silence ensued.

[ Full article available at InformationWeek: ]

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Posted by on June 10, 2013 in MOOCs in the News, Op-Ed


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