MOOCs Expand on College Campuses

22 Jun

Universities welcome MOOCs when paired with an on-campus component

By Devon Haynie

San Jose State University is one of several institutions aiming to improve education through MOOCs.

Massive open online courses may not be living up to their names.

These days, providers of the courses are teaming up with universities to alter the experience – taking it at least partly offline.

Universities are increasingly announcing plans to offer MOOCs to their own students. Some institutions are using classes as remediation tools to help students who aren’t quite ready for college, while others, short on dollars and class space, rely on MOOCs to alleviate class shortages.

The MOOCs that most people think of – the free courses open to thousands of students – aren’t necessarily geared toward students who want to take a course for credit, experts say.

Often people sign up because they are curious about a topic or looking to acquire certain skills – not because they have any intention to do homework. The average completion rate for massive open online courses is less than 7 percent, according to one research project.

[ Full article available at US News & World Report: ]

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