Skipping Campus

26 Jun

By Ry Rivard

Students seeking online degrees might soon resemble traditional on-campus students, according to a new survey sponsored by two companies involved in online education consulting.

The survey, in its second year, continues to show the typical student seeking a degree or certification online is a married middle-aged white woman, but the new results suggest the overall population of online learners is beginning to include more students who are of traditional college age, but not going to a college campus. The survey is only of students who have taken, are taking or plan to take courses from an online program.

“It’s obvious that more and more people from traditional college-age populations are electing to do their college online — they are just skipping the campus,” said David Clinefelter, a co-author of the study and the chief academic officer at the Learning House, Inc., which advises colleges on online education ventures.

Clinefelter and co-author Carol Aslanian, a senior vice president of market research at Education Dynamics, said they would like to see 2014’s survey before they can verify that the moves in this year’s research are a trend rather than an anomaly since their 2012 survey.

[ Full article available at Inside Higher Ed: ]

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