Ohio State U. Lets MOOC Students Grade Peer-Graders

17 Oct

By Steve Kolowich

Anaheim, Calif. — One way to improve peer grading in MOOCs could be to let students grade their peers who graded them.

That’s what a team of writing instructors at Ohio State University decided last spring when they were designing a massive open online course on rhetorical composition, known as WExMOOC.

They built a custom peer-grading system designed to assess not only the quality of the essays submitted by their MOOC students, but also the quality of the feedback that other students in the course contributed after reading the essays.

“We understand writing as an exchange,” said Evonne Kay Halasek, an associate professor of English at Ohio State, during a presentation here on Wednesday at the Educause conference, the annual summit of higher-ed technologists.

“We wanted the opportunity for the writers of the piece that received the peer reviews to be able to, in effect, continue that exchange by commenting back with ‘helpfulness’ scores to their peers,” she said.

[ Full article available at The Chronicle of Higher Education: ]

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