MOOCs and the End of Courses?

09 Jun

By Joshua Kim

George Siemens wrapped up the edX Consortium #FutureEDU conference with a rousing keynote address.

If you are looking for a keynoter for your next conference, meeting, confab, gathering, assembly, conclave, powwow, or rave I highly recommend George.

Most everything that George talked about in his address Where are MOOCs Leading Higher Education? made good sense to me.

George talked about the granularization of learning and assessment (from competency based learning to the rise of badges and the end of the credit hour).

George talked about the complexification of higher ed. (A new word for me, one that I love).

He argued that a single narrative no longer fits the university story.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of George’s keynote is when he talked about what MOOCs are destroying.

Amongst his list of higher ed casualties:  Faculty Autonomy, Courses, Control (of the University), and Accrediting Agencies.

For George, these transitions are a natural and probably expected outcome of “the internet happening to higher education”.

“The internet happening to higher education” is a great quote.

And George’s predictions may one day prove prescient.  (And I am of course doing a lousy job of capturing the subtlety, nuance, and force of George’s keynote arguments).

Where I take issue with George’s claims of what MOOCs are destroying derives from how I am seeing open online education at scale play out at my campus.

[ Full article available at Inside Higher Ed: ]

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