How Open edX Plans to Reach 1 Billion Learners

16 Apr

Global reach of MOOCs depicted.

By Sheri Handel

Critiques about MOOCs, centered around low completion rates, may be fair and valid. But these concerns are framed in the traditional benchmarks for what makes a college course successful.

In June 2013, edX open sourced its MOOC platform, dubbed “Open edX” and invited companies, organizations, universities and governments to adopt the platform. So far over 70 organizations have joined, according to GitHub where the sites are tracked. The move led to “more dialogue about what could be done with the platform, a new perspective, and that has colored the roadmap,” said Beth Porter, vice president of product at edX who manages Open edX and the edX consortium.

Speaking at the “Open edX in the Spotlight: The Future of Online Education” Meetup on April 9, Porter was joined by three power users from McKinsey Academy, George Washington University and the Public Consulting Group, who shared how this open source MOOC platform is being used from K-12 professional development to corporate training.

“Position Yourselves for the Next EdTech Model” – McKinsey Academy

McKinsey Academy operates as an edtech startup within the consultancy and offers its clients “education as a service.” Their first Open edX courses went live in September 2014. According to the Academy’s General Manager, Michael Kearny, his team was looking for a platform that would enable delivery of highly interactive, cohort-driven, social learning and which could allow for continuous course and UX optimization. Six months into their adoption of Open edX, they had taken the core of the platform, added their own front end, authoring tools and custom content.

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