Keeping up with the digital natives

17 Apr

By Paris Cowan

Photo of Neil Hitchcock

Neil Hitchcock

Forget about MOOCs, for Navitas CIO Neil Hitchcock the real digital threat is coming from a customer base that can’t remember a time before Facebook.

It might be hard to believe, but just a few years ago, analysts and insiders alike were predicting the downfall of the university system at the hands of massive open online courses.

These days, the fire has all but gone out of the MOOC hype.

In California, UCLA was recently forced to absorb a US$7 million loss from its investment into an ‘all digital’ campus it had hoped would attract students from around the world. Elsewhere, studies have shown that online learners underperform against their face-to-face peers.

Navitas CIO Neil Hitchcock has 19 years of experience under his belt at the multinational educational provider, and has watched the tides come and go for the education industry.

He says he doesn’t think MOOCs are in “any way whatsoever” a game changer for the education sector – and never will be.

Hitchcock offered four points to back up his argument: one, there is no economic value in a MOOC – “at some stage even a university that gets government funding needs to have some sort of revenue coming in,” he says.

[ Full article available at itNews:,keeping-up-with-the-digital-natives.aspx ]

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